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 Workboat Services Ltd

Workboat Services Ltd are the owners and operators of the MV Concordia Bay, the Falkland Islands' inter island ferry and Island resupply vessel. 

January to June '19

Please note the schedule for January to June 2019 has been published and is now available by clicking here.   Please note that this schedule was amended on 5th November to adjust ram sale timings in March.

Live Calendar

You can now see a live version of the Concordia Bay schedule to help you plan your trip.  This will show extra crossings as soon as they are added and give other information on the ship movements where possible.   Click Calendar to view.

The published schedule will still be available to download in PDF form but will only be occasionally updated to show extra trips.

Mailing list

If you would like to join our mailing list then please contact the office via the contact details.

Dangerous goods

If you intend to carry any dangerous goods on your voyage then please consult the dangerous goods guidance notes which can be downloaded here.

CB in Port William

Concordia Bay sailing down Port William, Falkland Islands.  27 June 2008